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Rays of Sunshine 24 Hour Readathon

Hey guys! As most of you will probably know by now, I organised a 24 hour readathon with some friends and fellow bloggers/YouTubers to raise money for the Rays of Sunshine children's charity. I did a 24 hour readathon for charity last year - which you can see here - and after staying how tired it made me and how difficult it was... I decided to do it again. Silly idea, right? But all for a great cause.

Here's how I got on...

Summer Reading Challenge: Week Five

It's week five of the Summer Reading Challenge and it's readathon day!

Today I'm sharing a book that I will be reading this week, but not as part of the readathon (unless I finish all of my other planned books with time to spare) and I'm sharing a recommendation for you too.

Don't forget, you can still donate to the 24 hour readathon, as we raise money for Rays of Sunshine.

Rays of Sunshine 24 Hour Readathon TBR

It's almost time for the Rays of Sunshine 24 Hour Readathon!

You can still donate here.

Before I start my twenty-four hours of continuous reading I thought I would share my TBR pile for this readathon. Last time I did a readathon I only planned thought I'd be able to read eight books, but I managed to read nine, so I have set ten aside this time to make sure I have a couple of spare books.

I've also made this readathon TBR list a mixture of books I've owned for ages but still haven't read, library books, and a few that I've read before but really want to reread.

So, here are the ten books I have ready to go...

GUEST POST: Summer Reading Recommendation by Emily (Definitely Em)

It's time for another brilliant guest post! Today I have Emily sharing her summertime reading recommendation.

Emily has become a great online friend of mine over the past year. We first spoke on Twitter last May when I mentioned that I wanted to do my first 24 hour readathon and Emily replied to say she would love to do a readathon too, suggesting that we both vlog it. Since then we speak on a regular basis through Twitter and Snapchat. I even had a dream the other week that we were meeting for the first time at a train station (which looked exactly like the Hogwarts platform in Harry Potter), I gave Emily a Krispy Kreme doughnut and she gave me a slice of pineapple pizza... which made me cry with happiness. It was a weird dream that made me wake up craving pizza and doughnuts but it made me smile!

Anyway, carry on reading to see which book Emily wants to recommend to you this summer...